Helpful Mulch Tips

Mulch Tips:

1. Before you mulch put down Preen and/or fertilizer if you’d like. (preen prevents weeds from germinating).

2. Mulch should be applied 2″ deep. If spread deeper than 2″ there is an increase risk of mold and fungus.

3. When applying dyed mulches, gloves are recommended.

4. Keep mulch about 6″ from the stems of plants until mulch is cool.

5. Never pile mulch up around tree trunks. It is fine to cover exposed roots of a tree with a light covering of mulch.

6. Immediately after spreading mulch, wash any mulch off of plants.

7. Use a rake to periodically “fluff” the mulch to keep it from becoming matted. This also makes your beds look refreshed.

8. Weed seeds or spores from mushrooms are a natural part of the soil. The appearance of these plants does not indicate contamination of the mulch.